Project activities

The main RPHGM project activities will focus on promoting cross-disciplinary data and theory exchange, to build more robust models of part human mobility.

In November 2015, a first online meeting will be held, hosting a first opportunity for project members and leaders to discuss the aims of the project, and possibilities for creating multi-proxy datasets, testing models using different data, and collaboration.
This ‘webinar’ will be online, 13th November, 4-5.30/6pm GMT to enable as many members as possible to attend. We will use Adobe Connect, which does not require any new software for participants. The project leaders will give a brief presentation on the aims and activities of RPHGM, which will be followed by open discussion between members.

Montreal at night. Image by Paolo Costa Baldi, Venezuela derivative work: Paolostefano1412 [CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons
Montreal at night. Image by Paolo Costa Baldi, Venezuela derivative work: Paolostefano1412 [CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons
The main project symposium and workshop will take place in Montreal, Canada, 12-13th February 2016. This event will be structured across two days, with the first focused on individual presentations discussing particular data types, methods, theoretical perspectives and potentials for inter-disciplinary collaboration. Day two will be a roundtable, aimed at discussion between members, exchange of ideas, and in particular covering the first stages of database construction. There will also be a project meal at a restaurant in Montreal.

Individual speakers, early career project members and those from countries with developing/limited economies will receive financial assistance with travel/accommodation; details will be communicated by email.

Previous project activities

We were invited to take part in a session at the 2015 INQUA Congress at Nagoya, Japan. There are many overlaps between the aims of our project, and that of the session organisers, INQUA Project 1404, run by Erick Robinson and Felix Riede. We aim to continue working closely together with this project to promote collaboration and data sharing wherever possible.

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